Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Body Piercing Information - What is a Labret?

Facial piercings are becoming more and more common all the time. While they were once something that was only seen in certain cultures, today facial piercings are worn by people from all different cultures and walks of life.  There are many different types of facial piercings, probably more than most people even realize.
First and foremost is the centre and off centre labret piercings. The labret piercing is the piercing of the lip, or the labrum. This is a piercing that is usually done in the lower lip and can be right in the centre or off centre. In some people it is better to do the labret piercing off centre to be sure that it does not hit any nerves, although most people are able to choose where they want the labret piercing based purely on personal preference. The centre and off centre labret piercing is usually fitted with labret stud.
A vertical labret is a bit different than a centre or off centre.  Instead of going through the lip itself like the centre or off centre piercing, the vertical labret goes through the lip in a vertical manner starting at the lip. This is not as common as a centre or off centre labret but is usually also fitted with a labret stud, although some people wear a barbell, which is not good for the teeth and gums.
Snake bites are a type of labret, except that there are two of them and they are both off centre, on the left and right so it looks like snake fangs. These can be done lower or higher on the lip, depending on personal preference and anatomy.  Snake bites are usually fitted with labret studs although some people wear a larger captive bead ring in the snake bites.
The lowbret is yet another type of labret, except, like the name would indicate it is very low on the bottom lip. Instead of being located closer to the lip it is done as far down toward the chin as possible. This is a relatively rare piercing as most people choose the centre or off centre labret. The lowbret is usually adorned with a barbell or labret stud. The labret stud is preferred as it will not cause irritation to the teeth and gums.
The Monroe is a different type of facial piercing as this occurs on the top lip instead of the bottom. The idea is that the piercing looks like a beauty mark off to the side of the upper lip. This is much like a labret; it is just done way off centre to look like a beauty mark. This is usually fitted with a barbell or labret stud so that irritation is not caused by the barbell rubbing against the teeth and gums.
The Medusa always makes an interesting looking piercing. The Medusa is much like a labret, except it is done in the centre of the upper lip right below the septum. This is often worn by people who also have a labret, but not always. The Medusa is usually fitted with a short barbell or labret stud so it does not rub against the teeth and gums.
There is a variation of the Medusa known as the jestrum. The jestrum involves piercing vertically through the lip using a curved barbell. Many people like this look as it will allow both beads of the barbell to be visible.

All of the above is for general information only – a guide to help explain the various terminologies relating to body piercings.  You should always seek the expert advice of your professional accredited body piercing specialist or pharmacist with any problems or concerns you may have with any body piercing.

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