Tuesday, 10 September 2013

"Danger: Earrings Ahead!"

Taken from The New York Times - Fashion and Style section (published August 28, 2013) - this interesting update on Illusion and Fake Ear Piercing Jewellery

"If you haven’t noticed by now, earrings are everything these days: hoops that look as if you have multiple piercings, spikes that appear to run through your ear, chains that sweep across them, baubles that rest behind them. And the fashion pack can’t get enough.
Gaia Repossi designed that “little hoop” ear cuff for women like herself who avoid big pendant earrings lest they hide the woman who wears them. “It’s just an elegant little touch that is not over-the-top,” she said of her luxe creation. Ms. Repossi also likes to point out that her multi-hoop cuff, clipped high on the upper ear, draws the eye upward, elongating the neck.
Several of the earrings on this page give an illusion of multiple piercings, but no extra ones are actually required. Even the fierce spike from A Peace Treaty needs no piercing at all. It simply hooks around the top of your ear, creating the impression of something much more hard core.
“Growing up in the ’90s,” said Dana Arbib, a designer of the line, “it was really big to get upper ear piercings or crazy piercings all over your face, but now it’s all about not having to commit.” Don’t-mess-with-me earrings with none of the pain."
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

What is a Helix Piercing?

Helix piercings are very common.  
A helix piercing is the piercing of the cartilage of the upper ear.  Helix piercings are sometimes known as industrial piercings, but an industrial piercing is actually two helix piercings in this cartilage in which the same piece of jewellery goes through both piercings.  
Many people have one helix piercing and then decide after some time that they like the piercing so much they would like another, and this is when they turn it into an industrial piercing.
When choosing an industrial piercing most people choose to run a long barbell between the two piercings or even a spiralling barbell for a cool effect.

Ear Helix Barbell

Industrial Barbell
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All of the above is for general information only – a guide to help explain the various terminologies relating to body piercings.  You should always seek the expert advice of your professional accredited body piercing specialist or pharmacist with any problems or concerns you may have with any body piercing.