Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Spot It Competition

I loved the Spot It Competition my local town used to run when I was a kid – local businesses would put a product in their shop window that was totally unrelated to what they would normally sell – ie a box of Oxo Cubes in a fashion shop window display.  We then had to trawl round all the shops and try and “spot” as many “foreign objects” as we could then send off our list to the competition organisers.  Obviously the local businesses wanted you to check out what they sold via their window displays so - at BarbellsanBling – we decided to bring it back (and into this century!) and get you to check out the fantastic range of products we have for sale too.
We have listed a product on our site that we wouldn’t normally stock.  Find this product, Register your details and then “Contact Us” through the site and tell us what the product is. Once we get to 100 new registrations we will pick out a winning entry – so spread the word!
The winner will receive a AU$30 voucher to spend anywhere on the BarbellsanBling website – anything you like.  We will pay the shipping costs.
Competition Rules: 
Judges decision is final. 
Winner will be a random choice. 
Competition closes 13 July 2013

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